We start 2020 with a terrific showcase on Jan 25th with three great artists

A terrific evening of live entertainment to kick off 2020

King Size Slim
Scott Wainwright
Tony Lambert

One night only!

King Size Slim

In 2005 Toby Barelli aka KING SIZE SLIM began experimenting with a new sound. A sound fully conscious of its roots but with a new story to tell. Having spent the previous 4 years touring and recording with TwoTone pioneers ‘The Selecter’ along with other Ska and Reggae luminaries, the sound was always going to be rhythm led, heavy on the bass and rootsy in the melody.

Big warm tones from his resonator guitar with a powerful and direct vocal style became the trademarks of the sound. Add rolling grooves, multi-layered percussion,vocals, harmonicas and myriad shakers to create a heavyweight acoustic sound that shouts loud and kisses sweet.

“……Taking lactose intolerance to a whole new level this is KING SIZE SLIM with ‘Milk Drunk’…..I really like this record” – Huey Morgan BBC Radio 2

“….. that was really cool……” Bob Log III, Fat Possum Records

” This is a great record…..” Zigaboo Modeliste, The Meters ,New Orleans

“The Highlight of the Festival” Broadstairs Blues Bash

“The force of nature that is…..” Stephen Ferguson, Whats Cookin’ London

Scott Wainwright

Scott Wainwright is a Yorkshire based singer-songwriter and instrumentalist. His music draws from various musical genres including Blues, Gospel, Folk and Hip Hop as well as various ‘World’ musics, such as African, Hawaiian and Indian.

Working with acoustic finger style and bottleneck guitar, harmonica and occasional banjo, Scott draws on his wide love for these types of music and celebrates the joy of pure creativity.

Writing and performing both vocal and instrumental pieces, Scott records regularly and now has a vast and diverse back catalogue of material. He has released numerous albums; ep’s and singles over the years, which have ranged in style from ‘Electric Blues and Hip Hop’ fusions (Every Man Has His Critics) to solo instrumental guitar workouts (What We Cannot Hold). In between these releases there have been regular bouts of ‘Lo-Fi’ folk (All That Glitters is Not Gold) and the odd dabbling as an acoustic balladeer (Whispers from a Kind River), but for now, he has settled on the more experimental country blues sound that can be found on his ‘Strangers Here’ album.

All of Scott’s work evokes a wide range of emotions and feelings from his listeners, as he tackles subjects such as love, life, death, loss, hope and the possibility of being ‘wrong’ about everything.

Tony Lambert

Over the years i’ve worked as a nurse, as a window cleaner, as a shop keeper, and i was a barman for about 5 hours.
I’ve been writing songs for years, most of them are about the weirdness of being a human and the emotions attached to that. I also play other people’s songs too, if i think i can do it justice.

as well as weddings, funerals, birthdays and bar mitzvah’s i also do some charity work, and i mean a small some, now and again, not regular. no one asks bankers to do 12 days a year for charity do they? when they do, get back to me to up my game too.


Please note that these showcases sell out quickly and the last Oct showcase was massively oversubscribed. So please don’t assume you will get tickets on the door and instead book asap here to secure your place!