Special thanks to everyone who came out to the second Music for The Head and Heart live showcase evening.

King Size Slim

This was an extraordinary evening with terrific performances from Tony Lambert, Scott Wainwright and King Size Slim. January is not often the best time to promote events, but music lovers flocked to see three real entertainers play from 7.30 – 10.30.

Tony Lambert kicked off the evening with his superb bittersweet songs and you could hear a pin drop in the room. Ever since I first came across Tony I’ve been truly impressed by his songwriting and performance skills. This was a wonderful display of how to connect with an audience and create a space that is way beyond just another Saturday night gig. I’m delighted he played “Wrist Slap” which is my favorite song of his.

Tony Lambert

Next up was Scott Wainwright who delivered a solid set with great humour and terrific guitar playing. Scott is a great example of an artist that has his own style and fluid playing that is always engaging for an appreciative listening audience.

Scott Wainwright

Heading up the evening was King Size Slim. I’ve seen King Size before, but this performance was for me a whole new level. There were times during his performance when I thought “How on earth is he doing that?” as he has such a superb coordination of playing and singing. At times he shook the room so much I had to take one of the cameras off a tripod as the floor was shaking so much. One of the highlights was his duo with Scott which the audience loved.

I could have listened to these artists all night and once again the show was 100% sold out. Special thanks to Carl Rosamond for sound, Nick Bloomfield for video, Sue for merch, Daz in the Hat for amazing social media promotion, all the artists who performed and all those who came. These showcases are really magical events and we have already started taking bookings for the April 4th event which will feature 3 excellent groups

Buy your ticket HERE before the evening sells out again

Warm Regards


Another sell out showcase

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