The above clip of Captain of the Lost Waves is from the Music for the Head and Heart launch party. This is a superb example of a great artist performance of a well crafted song.

Since first interviewing Captain of the Lost Waves for the platform, I have been quite wowed by the quality of the songwriting and performance. The platform is a perfect space for such artists who may not be embraced by many of the traditional institutional outlets like the BBC.

I’ve been listening to music for 45+ years and have noticed that in the last decade there is an increasing trend towards “packaging artists” especially with TV talent shows. It seems that the quality of music is increasingly second place to image and conforming to a predictable template, such is “the music business” today

The Captain of the Lost Waves doesn’t conform to such templates and I for one applaud that. Performances like this give me some hope for the future of music. Music for the Head and Heart is a space for such maverick creative types and the launch party was a perfect example of cooperation between performers that is IMO all too rare these days. I heard today that Fibbers another longstanding music venue is closing down. This seems to be a trend and its clear to me that the old music model isn’t really working well these days and something new and dynamic is needed to capture the public’s imagination. Music for the Head and Heart is in many ways the antithesis of what is currently happening in “the music business” We run small events, with artist cooperation and pay great attention to detail and quality for listening appreciative audiences, so rare these days.

There are big plans for the platform in 2020, starting with the first January live event here