We decided to move the next Music for The Head and Heart showcase from April 4th to October 10th and tickets from April are still vaild for Oct. Tickets are available here

I’m always loathed to change events and festivals, but in my view its always smarter to pay attention to health implications and not take any chances. Most promoters for major festivals also take this view of health first and profitabilty second and I think that’s smart. Ultimately with the current global pandemic, its an uncertain future from now and throughout the summer, so better to be safe. The problem is highlighted by the back the the age demographic for MHH events tends not to be people in their 20s and 30s. I can understand why some big commercial festivals in June have not called time as they can have a younger audience, but I suspect its just a matter of time as there will inevitably be travel implications for artists.

When SXSW and all the Broadway shows are cancelled, its clear that there is a major issue. Its also worth noting that what is dispensed to the public is always filtered information and never the whole story… I have a family who mostly work in the media and am married to a GP. In both instances information circulating in these realms can be very different to what is allowed into the public domain and the official government position!

There’s an old Middle East proverb that comes to mind

Nick Cody

“Trust in Allah, but tie up your camel”

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Nick Cody

New date for next showcase – time to be safe